Would You Like an Audience of 2 Million People for Your Over-50 Fitness Business? Here’s How One FitPro Did It.

Aug 24, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

Everybody’s on social media, sending emails, putting videos on YouTube and all — and that’s great. It’s how we get our word out about healthy living after 50. But I love sharing stories about people who find fresh ways to grow their audience and business , and that’s what this week’s guest represents.

Holly Kouvo of Massachusetts has been in fitness for 20 years. She has a robust presence on social media, regularly sends out emails, posts videos on YouTube, and even speaks at conferences. But Holly doesn’t stop there. She has managed to build an empire that includes a TV show that can reach 2 million people in 30 states. It’s Called “Get Healthy with Holly,” and she produces it in a local station, then lets other local-access stations download it and play it for audiences.

It’s a great way to grow her brand,  presence, and virtual training business. Listen to learn how she does it.

Holly’s Fitting Fitness In

Her TV show

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