Here’s the BEST Way to Learn the Most about Growing Your Fitness-Over-50 Business Quickly. Ep. 79

Sep 20, 2022 | Podcast | 0 comments

This not an overstatement: I would not be here today if it weren’t for the Functional Aging Institute’s Mastermind group.

So, I want to encourage everyone to attend FAI’s Mastermind gathering Oct. 20-21 in Nashville, if you can. Obviously, travel is complicated and expensive, and we have to pick our trips wisely. (And don’t worry – there will be other opportunities to interact with FAI’s Mastermind and even join later.)

But this one is personal for me, because I know first-hand how helpful the training is and how invaluable the relationships are.

You don’t have to join the group to attend the event, which will cover:

  • How to market, how to sell and how to attract the best clients!.
  • Short “hot seat” sessions where the group focuses just on helping you find solutions for your biggest challenges:
  • How to add a training business for this clientele to your existing studio, or how to open from scratch in less than 60 days.

Use discount code FAIMM50 get 50 percent off. Register here:

Resources and Links

Functional Aging Institute — October Nashville Event Registration Page

Prime Fit Content – Engage the over-50 market

Naamly – Support our advertiser, who helps you keep in touch with your members

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