Exercise vs. Dementia Part 2: How a Fitness Studio Launched with Its Unique Mix of Physical and Brain Exercise. Ep. 78

Sep 13, 2022 | Podcast | 0 comments

We talk here every week about how fitness and health businesses can communicate their messages to the over-50 market. And one of the most fascinating topics we’ve ever covered is the connection between physical exercise and brain health. Despite tons of research solidifying the connection, most people probably still don’t know that they can lower their chances of cognitive decline and even dementia through exercise.

Back in July 2021, I spoke with the folks behind Activate, a studio being developed in Cincinnati that combines physical exercise and brain exercise in a way that might be unique today but should become more common as we move forward. It just makes so much sense.

Since July 2021, they’ve had their soft opening and they’re about to have their grand opening this month, September 2022. The premise is simple and fascinating — we keep our brains healthier and stronger by exercising them at the same time we exercise our bodies. Listen to this update for more on the brain-body connection — and also some helpful communications tips from a fitness studio that’s right now rolling out its successful launch. Here’s my conversation with John Spencer and Marie Stoner of Activate Brain and Body.

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