Are You Talking to Your Over-50 Fitness Clients and Prospects Enough? And Are You LISTENING? Ep. 81

Oct 6, 2022 | Podcast | 0 comments

I’ve been on a mission lately to learn more about my prospects and clients – specifically what they want help with regarding their content and communications, so I can improve my offerings and grow my business.

A little market research, if you will – emphasis on “little.” I’ not talking about full-blown market research – just about actively soliciting and paying attention to feedback. 

It’s been fascinating and instructive, and I’m going to share a few great tips I’ve received in a few minutes

So let me ask you: Are you actively listening to your clients and prospects enough?

It’s a fair question to ask yourself any time – because you should always be actively listening. When you ask questions and pay attention to responses with an open mind, powerful stuff can happen – especially when you’re servicing a vastly UNDERserved segment, like people over 50 in a gym, studio or other fitness facility.

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Resources and Links

Functional Aging Institute

Prime Fit Content – Engage the over-50 market

Naamly – Support our advertiser, who helps you keep in touch with your members

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