Content Marketing vs. Advertising: Which Is Best for Your Gym or Fitness Studio? Ep. 80

Sep 27, 2022 | Podcast | 0 comments

If you th`ink you don’t need content in your marketing, think again.

You do – even if you regularly advertise on Facebook. You can’t rely on that. Content MUST be a part of your communications strategy in promoting your business and promoting yourself as the local go-to expert on fitness over 50.

I get into all this on this weeks episode of the Optimal Aging Podcast by posing – and ultimately answering – a provocative question: Which is best for your business, content marketing or advertising?

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Resources and Links

Functional Aging Institute

Prime Fit Content – Engage the over-50 market

Naamly – Support our advertiser, who helps you keep in touch with your members

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