Where to Market Your Gym to People Over 50

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Do you want to market your fitness studio to active agers? Then youll need to know where to find them to create maximum impact.

The Best Places for Your Fitness Business to Connect with Active Agers

You want to market your gym or fitness studio to active agers? Good move. You’re targeting the fastest-growing demographic in the United States, and one that controls 70% of all disposable income. When you’re with Prime Fit Content, you’re creating compelling content automatically. The question now is, where will you find your audience?

Businesses need relevant and effective ways to reach this age group. With the growing number of people over 50 in America, you need to be more strategic with your campaigns because you know that these people have a lot more money than younger adults.

When it comes to marketing to mature adults, tons of research shows us how active agers think about money, investments, and the value of time — what they like a dislike, what their preferences are, etc.

Traditionally, companies have focused on advertising to people over 50 through TV, magazines and newspapers. This is expensive and has become less effective in the modern media landscape. For the best ROI on your marketing budget, use digital channels to reach out.

Content marketing is the most popular way that digital marketers target people over 50. This includes content like blogging, social media posts, memes, and email marketing.

Here are the top five places to market to people over 50.

1. Boost your business by blogging

Blogging is one of the most popular ways to reach out to people over 50. It is also an incredibly low-cost way to share content that can then be shared with a wider audience. 

Your website’s blog is a powerful tool that allows you to share your voice in a compelling way, building credibility and trust over the internet. Blogging also allows you to establish connections with the needs and desires of active agers, confirming your authority and affirming your empathy with this highly lucrative demographic.

People over 50 tend to relate better with blog content, preferring to read and revisit rather than watch videos. No, we’re not saying that videos shouldn’t be used in your content strategy! It’s just that over-50-year-olds are happier to take their time to read and digest a blog – they are not so reliant on quick-hit content, like you find on Twitter or TikTok.

Active agers are prepared to spend time exploring a topic that matters to them – like health, for example. In fact, studies show that 71% of people over 50 with internet access search for health information online.

2. Find your audience on Facebook

Of all social media channels, Facebook is the most popular among people over 50. The average U.S. adult spends an average of 34 minutes per day on the platform.

Now, here’s the bad news. Across all social media platforms, subscriptions mostly drop off with age. This is true for Facebook, too. But the over-50s are the fastest-growing segment on Facebook.

They search for news stories, articles, and memes that interest them. Then they share them. That’s great news when you are publishing engaging and entertaining content – because your audience will help you reach a wider audience.

3. Engage new and existing clients through email

Active agers are used to being contacted by email. They have been receiving marketing emails for decades. Now, though, email marketing is much more personal than it has ever been.

Email marketing to people over 50 is a smart way for businesses to grow their customer base. It’s also an effective tool for creating customer loyalty. Used effectively, email can help to create and develop relationships with your clients, and encourage them to try out your gym. It ensures that your existing members receive your content, too, as well as keeping you at the front of their minds.

4. Contact active agers in clubs

Your marketing efforts don’t have to be restricted to online strategies. Your content can be printed and shared locally, where active agers are found. 

Be a little creative and book a time to present at retirement villages, country clubs, golf courses, community halls, houses of worship… anywhere you will find large populations of people over 50.

Take samples of your content with you, and make sure that you include your gym’s address and contact details.

5. Roll out your content to related businesses

Other great places to contact your target audience are businesses that are related to yours and the desires of people over 50. You know they want to lead a healthier life, so why not approach your local health food stores to ask if they can display your latest weekly content?

Think outside the box. Where do people over 50 do their shopping? What activities do they pursue in their leisure time? 

Be a storyteller to sell

Content marketing is a subtle technique. The aim is to build and maintain relationships. To do this, it is crucial that you make emotional connections. Learn what is important to your audience and create engaging content that entertains and compels them to want to discover more.

Be a storyteller, and focus on providing information about their future, giving them advice they can put into action today, and focusing on what is important to them – their health, fitness, and enjoyment of life. Remember this – active agers are more likely to listen when they see themselves in the story. Make them the hero, and they will respond.

Want more marketing tips?

When we create content for you, it’s unique and resonates with active agers. We also provide marketing tips, custom content, and more help. You’re on a mission to help people lead healthier lives. We’re here to serve you.

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