IHRSA 2024: I’m Ready to Soak It Up

Feb 29, 2024 | Reach The Market | 0 comments

IHRSA 2024: I’m Ready to Soak It Up

As a reporter, writer, and content creator, I constantly need to absorb new material, experiences, information and perspectives.

I’m a sponge that wrings itself out in articles and other written material.

I’ve always felt like that. Absorb, absorb, absorb…

And that’s what I’m about to do next week in Los Angeles at the annual IHRSA conference. Over three days, there will be:

  • 350 exhibitors
  • More than 8,000 health and fitness industry professionals
  • And 150 expert presenters and speakers

The agenda has some items I plan to attend. I hope to gain new subscribers for Prime Fit Content and new guests for the Optimal Aging podcast. And I’ll be connecting with friends and others I already know.

But mostly, I’m going in wide-eyed: What’s this? Who are you? Tell me your story…

This is one way I stay informed and energized. When people ask, Where do you get your ideas? Well, this is part of it. I don’t mean attending huge events necessarily, but talking to people, listening, seeing, engaging in as many ways as possible.

IHRSA promises, “Firsthand experiences present the best learning opportunities. At IHRSA 2024, hear real success stories and valuable business advice from highly esteemed industry veterans. From March 6-8, attend keynote and education sessions hosted by an array of revolutionists, spanning a vast range of industries, who will propose new strategies to get your creative juices flowing.”

In the trade show, the LA Convention Center’s 347,000-square-foot floor will host exhibitors from all equipment, technology, wellness, nutrition, and health. IHRSA 2024 is the ideal platform to meet face-to-face with hundreds of pioneers, enabling you to strike deals and pave your way to success.

And there will be endless opportunities to connect with people – aka, “networking.”

That requires some effort on my part. I can stand back and observe too much, a holdover from my years as a reporter, perhaps. But I’ve learned, as an entrepreneur, how to talk about my business and myself without stopping a conversation cold – and without worrying that I’m a boor.

It’s been a challenge but one I’ve learned to anticipate.

So, if you see me in LA, let’s talk!

>You can register here. And I’ll be reporting and podcasting from the scene and afterwards.




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