My Year in Review: Loss and Growth, Business and Life

Dec 13, 2023 | Reach The Market | 0 comments

I usually don’t feel the need to review a year as it’s ending. But this year has been different and I’m feeling different. It’s been hectic and emotional, with lots going on in my family and my work.
I am drawn to the idea of looking back so I can make sense of it all and learn.
How about you? How was 2023 at home or at work? How are you feeling as we head into the new year?
For me, the most important thing that happened had nothing to do with business: My mother died.
She was 87 and died asleep in her own bed at home, apparently painlessly.
She had been in failing health and told me the night before she was ready to go.
I’m grateful for her long life and quick passing, and that I was with her at the end.
Her death led to the most important thing I wrote this year, maybe ever: her eulogy. And I don’t mind saying, it was pretty good. It’s easy when there’s such rich material as her life provided. I even managed to deliver it without choking up.
My intention was to craft a story out of her 87 years and share it in the brief time I had with others who loved her. That’s why we tell stories, isn’t it? To make sense of chaos, bring order to it, and maybe even share and learn something?
In that spirit, I’m offering my 2023 year in review. Maybe it will spur you to check the KPIs of your life, at work or at home or both.
· I turned 60. How do I feel? Fantastic. And grateful!
· I stayed in shape but missed my marks on weight and BFP.
· I celebrated my three-year relationship anniversary with the sweetest man I’ve ever known.
· We went on my first cruise, which was entirely awesome.
· I got Covid. It sucked. Wah-wah.
· I read “War and Peace,” which was enthralling but took forever. And I’ll still manage to hit my reading goals for the year.
· My main business, Prime Fit Content, grew by 15 percent. Thanks to my subscribers new and returning!
· I shared 96 DFY articles for your email newsletters, blog posts, and social media, plus a photo with each; 48 healthy recipes; 48 inspirational memes; and 48 infographics.
· My Prime Fit Content customers shared them with untold thousands of clients and prospects.
· I produced 29 episodes of the Optimal Aging podcast. The average number of downloads stayed consistent from 2022. I would prefer growth, of course, but I am honestly surprised I didn’t lose audience as I retoold the show. (Here’s the top episode of the year: “Women over 50 at War with Their Bodies: Get Off the Dieting Rollercoaster and Find ‘Body Peace,” an interview with nutrition coach Nina Manolson.
· I appeared as a guest on a handful of other podcasts and am always available to discuss fitness over 50, content marketing, and related topics. Thanks to Rocky Snyder, Andres Escobar and Joe Martin.
· I attended four professional conferences, including one hosted by Thomas Plummer on how to speak at conferences.
· And I spoke at two of them. I hope to do more, so if you’re looking for a speaker, hit me up.
· I created my first digital course. It’s for men over 50 who need help getting unstuck from their unhealthy habits and starting new ones. I enjoyed creating it. It’s solid and helpful. Check it out here.
· I kept my three long-term, supportive freelance clients happy. Thank y’all for the opportunity to work with you.
· In some ways, I worked way too hard and need to focus more on work-life balance.
· In others, I made mistakes that cost me dearly and I’m hoping to avoid repeating them.
How about you? Share your wins and losses. What did you learn? How do you feel heading into a new year?


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