Weight Loss for Women over 50: How Amy Lang Closed Her Gym and Opened a Thriving Online Coaching Business

Nov 17, 2020 | Podcast | 0 comments

Weight-loss expert Amy Lang ran a successful gym in San Francisco for 15 years. But toward the end of 2019, she made a big change. She parted with Pacific Heights Health Club and went online — which, back before Covid-19, was a pretty radical and very brave move. Then, after the pandemic hit, Amy realized she was an unlikely trailblazer, having already successfully transitioned to her Moxie Club, which helps women maintain a healthy weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

Prior to her fitness career, Amy had a successful tenure in high-tech, which might be why she seems fearless in transitioning from brick-and-mortar to her virtual business.

Here, she gives tons of great perspective on her journey that others will be able to apply to their own online business, as well. Her Moxie Club is a model for offering courses — and then keeping graduates involved as paying customers.

The Episode at a glance:

[1:05] Introduction of the show

[2:45] Amy Lang’s background

[7:30] Involvement in weight loss solutions

[8:30] Pacific Heights Health Club

[9:30] Health club mission and kind of clients

[12:50] Closing her gym to virtual business even before COVID

[20:44] Reaching more people through online training

[23:20] Moxie Club – Lasting Weight Loss For Busy Professionals

[26:00] All about Moxie Club modules, meal plans, course trainings, etc

[30:00] Helping women over 50 with better eating and weight loss

[40:29] How her business deals with COVID

[42:39] Amy’s resources

[44:13] Three Things I liked this week

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