Training People Over 50 for Mountain Biking, Hiking, Spartan Races and More, with TRX’s Renae McCloud

Apr 27, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

Some people over 50 like to go to the gym so they can do well in the gym — and that’s great.

But others want to train so they can enjoy something outdoors. 

And that’s the specialty of Renae McCloud, a TRX instructor in Seattle who gets her Baby Boomer (ish) clients ready for demanding, fun outdoor adventures.

I met Renae after I wrote about an Atlanta man who celebrated his 75th birthday by running his first Spartan obstacle course. I had no idea trainers could specialize in helping older adults prepare for these kinds of challenges.

Learn how she did it, how she incorporates it into her TRX-based studio training, and the powerful joy she sees radiated from her clients as they cross the finish line. Now, this episode is NOT about Spartan races, per se. If you want to think outside the box, bust some stereotypes, and learn how to expand your business in a fresh way, then you’ll want to hear what Renae has to say.

Key Moments
5:00 — Ranae’s outdoor training
6:00 — Her “sweet spot” is Boomers
8:30 — How she got started with Spartan training
13:30 — Adding mountain biking
16:15 — “I found the passion for the Boomers”
20:10 — Strength training is important, particularly for women / TRX yoga
32:20 — How she trains people for outdoor activities
40:08 — I’m a little scared of Spartan races
43:38 — Training to enjoy life
45:00 — Three Things I Like This Week — Apple AirTags, Changing Priorities, “The Father”

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