To Grow a Fit Over 50 Business, Focus on Client Engagement and Retention, with Sumit Seth of Naamly

Jun 15, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

I met Sumit Seth a couple of years ago at a fitness conference, and we sort of immediately connected because we were two of the few participants who are not actually gym owners or trainers. We were both there to network, to learn, and to promote our new ventures — my Prime Fit Content and his Naamly, a web-based platform that helps fit pros connect with their clients and improve retention. 

Since then I’m glad to say that we’ve stayed in touch and that we’ve both found our footing and a lot of supporters in the industry.

In fact, we both spoke last weekend at the virtual Functional Aging Summit, sponsored by the Functional Aging Institute. You’ll hear us talk about it briefly in this episode of the Optimal Aging podcast, which was recorded a couple of weeks before the event.

Naamly helps gym owners systematize and simplify their operations by centralizing member data and communications, so gym owners can increase their customer lifetime value, improve staff efficiencies, and eliminate their stress.

I’m happy to say Naamly is a sponsor of this podcast, and I want to point out that Naamly makes it easier than ever to keep your active aging clients engaged & excited about being a part of your business.


3:45 — Happy to be seeing faces again

6:30 — The journey to learn more

8:25 — Sumit’s successes before fitness

10:40 — ‘If I do this, I’ll die young’

13:30 — ‘How we could help gym owners succeed’

19:40 — Customers crave recognition

24:15 — The peril of ignoring retention

29:14 — The story behind the name

38:00 — Three Things I Like This Week



‘In the Heights’ trailer


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