Tai Chi for Baby Boomers and Military Veterans, with Master Instructor David-Dorian Ross

May 4, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

When David-Dorian Ross was in his early 20s, he had a brief, intense experience that changed his life.

It was during his first session of tai chi, and the way he describes it is how others recall a profound religious experience.

“It was a gift,” David-Dorian says now. “I had this knowledge, this certainty, like a memory of the future that I would do tai chi for the rest of my life and that I would someday be a famous teacher.”

And, indeed, all that came to pass.

David-Dorian has been teaching Tai Chi since 1979, focusing on making Tai Chi more accessible to all and has been a record-holding competitive martial artist.

He created his own tai chi method, called taijifit, and he teaches and certifies instructors at taijifit.net. He is also the national network manager of Tai Chi and yoga instructors for the Veterans Affairs Community Care Network – providing free Tai Chi and Yoga classes to our nation’s military veterans. David-Dorian served in the Navy from 1975-1980.

In this episode, David-Dorian shares powerful perspective about tai chi, his outreach with veterans and Baby Boomers, and lots more I know you’ll enjoy.

Key Moments:
5:50 — His first tai chi session, when “all of a sudden, everything changed”
12:25 — Tai chi as part of holistic health
18:00 — ‘The job I was sent her to do’ — working with veterans
25:10 — How to find tai chi instructors for vets
29:10 — Tai chi as fall prevention
34:50 — Incorporating tai chi into your fitness business
43:40 — What’s wrong with the fitness industry
49:50 — Three Things I Like This Week: Laughter Yoga, Everyday Mindfulness, 1-800-FLOWERS

David-Dorian Ross
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