Six Components of Wellness, and how to grow online businesses that sell high-ticket items and services to people over 50. With fitness entrepreneur Chandler Walker

Oct 20, 2020 | Podcast | 0 comments

Chandler Walker helps entrepreneurs and fitness professionals build high-performing businesses and healthy habits. He is the co-founder of Stone Age Fuel — School of Fitness and founder of the Angular Momentum Method, which focuses on Six Pillars of Wellness: Mental Health, Social Health, Sleep, Nutrition, Fitness, and Habits. Leading a healthier life doesn’t have to mean just making big steps or changes. Chandler and I discussed our families’ common mental health affliction and how it affected his professional path; how to create and sell high-end, online services for the over-50 market, and what’s necessary to make it post-Covid.

The Episode at a glance:

[1:10] General intro to show

[5:40] Chandler grew up seeing his parents working hard as employees and as entrepreneurs 

[7:29] How his mother’s bipolar disorder shaped his desire to help people

[15:30] Creating Stone Age Fuel in college and seeing it take off

[16:50] The Six Pillars of Wellness

[18:20] Selling wellness courses online for $3,200

[22:14] “People will pay to get out of a place of pain”

[23:37] The over-50 market has particular sources of pain you can help solve

[24:37] It’s all about “reframing thoughts and beliefs” more than your own features and benefits

[26:47] Depression and anxiety among this demographic

[29:12] Fitness businesses need contingency plans and a hybrid model

[35:51] “If you can’t innovate, then just be ready to die.”

[39:15]: How to enroll people in $3,000 courses online

[40:13] What are you reading?

[42:30] Three Things I Like This Week

Resources and Links:

Mind-lines: Lines For Changing Minds – Book

The Road Less Stupid – Book

Study in The BMJ about high-intensity training for older people

Fit Men Cook

Voting and elections information on

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