Quality of Life: What People Over 50 Really Want from Your Business

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Quality of life is probably the greatest motivator why someone over 50 seeks help from your fitness business.

And here’s an interesting phrase you don’t hear every day to drive the point home: “compression of morbidity.”

Sounds dreadful, doesn’t it?

But it’s actually something everyone wants: to have all our age-related illnesses come in as short a time as possible at the end of life. In other words, to live really well right up until the end, to have a high quality of life throughout life.

“You have to say, ‘Do I want to spend my money to live as long as possible? Or do I want to spend my money to live as healthy as possible for as long as I’m alive?’ ” 

Anyone coming into your gym or studio is saying, “I’m choosing that one: I want quality of life.”

That’s the main goal of people pursuing fitness over 50. Some want to maintain athletic pursuits. Some want to lose weight. Some want to be able to enjoy grandchildren and hobbies.

But all of them want “compression of morbidity.” All of them want quality of life.

The Ultimate Example

The ultimate example of compressed morbidity: being healthy and active until passing away peacefully while asleep.

It’s a universal goal, and a main driver of over-50 fitness. A healthy lifestyle can help us reach it. That means regular exercise; proper diet and rest; living at the right weight. You already know it will keep us alive longer. But more to the point here, these habits keep us healthier longer into our advanced years.

This is a primary motivator for many “active agers.” When you ask why they’re committed to fitness, you often hear them say:

• “So, I can enjoy life for as long as possible”

• “So, I don’t become a burden”

• “Because I don’t want to be feeble and frail over a period of slow decline.”

Sound familiar?

Quality of life!

Research shows that people with healthier lifestyles suffer less physical and mental decline than people who are sedentary, smoke, and have other unhealthy habits. It takes commitment to self-care, not just popping a vitamin and carrying on with unhealthy lifestyles.

So, at the base of all you’re trying to sell and provide to people over 50, remember that what we eat and how we move affects everything — including how long and how well we can enjoy a high quality of life.

Just hold off on that “compression of morbidity” expression!

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