Plant-Based Eating and Living on the Road, with Bruce and Mindy Mylrea of One Day to Wellness

May 18, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

Bruce and Mindy Mylrea are living the life that many couples in their 60s want. They closed up the house in California, live full-time in a motor home and travel the country. 

That mobile home is decked out with pictures of the pair and lots of fruits and vegetables, with their website,, and their slogan, Take Control of Your Health Now.

The high-energy pair are full of enthusiasm and information, and it’s a pleasure to share some of that with you. 

Time highlights

2:15 — Where in the world are Bruce and Mindy?

3:30 — Moving full-time into the RV

6:30 — Eating better while you’re eating out

9:45 — How they started this journey

15:40 — ‘Leaning to the Green’ education

19:20 — Helping people over 50 overcome resistance

23:00 — Simple steps and recipes to enjoy plant-based eating

24:25 — Three Things I Like This Week: The Go-Go’s get a hand; Tabata; Brazilian flip-flops


Bruce and Mindy Mylrea, One Day to Wellness

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“Our Lips Are Sealed” video by the Go-Go’s

10 Tabata workouts for beginners on Pinterest

Havaianas flip-flops

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