Money Tips from a Gym Owner and Financial Coach to Keep Your Fitness Business Fiscally Fit. Ep 62

Feb 15, 2022 | Podcast | 0 comments

Imagine the doorbell ringing at your home one day. You wonder who could it be and go answer, only to find a scary-looking dude loading up your car to take it away.  It’s being repossessed because you haven’t been making the payments. You had no idea things were this bad – and you still have to learn just how bad your financial situation is.

How bad is it?

Bad. Really, really bad.

That’s what happened to Billy Hofacker about 10 years ago. From that shocking moment, Billy learned he had accumulated a mountain of debt — and then he set about correcting his mistakes, learning from them — and now sharing his hard-won wisdom with other fitness business professionals.

Billy has two Total Body Boot Camp locations on Long Island, where the focus is on serving the slightly older market. And he has another business as Your Fitness Money Coach, which includes the podcast of that same name. 

Billy’s story is riveting, and he shares it this week on the OPtimal Aging podcast – along with useful tips to help your manage your finances better and run your business more responsibly.

Here’s our conversation.

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