‘Medically Prescribed Fitness’ Could Be Key in Linking Healthcare and Exercise. With Brian Prendergast of MedFit Care. Ep 75.

Aug 1, 2022 | Podcast | 0 comments

The Medfit Network has been promoting the idea that “fitness is medicine” for a long time. And now, the organization has launched MedFit Care to reduce the cost, a common barrier that too many people rely on to avoid taking care of themselves, and to involve doctors in prescribing medical fitness.

MedFit and others have been working to marry healthcare and fitness, and now with MedFit Care, participants can use tax-free or tax-deductible dollars to pay for fitness services prescribed by a doctor.

The idea is that A MedFit Care physician can write a medically necessary exercise prescription that can be used with your MedFit Care fitness professional, who understands your unique needs and can help improve your health and quality of life.  

One of MedFit’s leaders is here to discuss all this on today’s episode of the Optimal Aging Podcast. Brian Prendergast is a longtime member of the fitness industry, as founder and president of High Five Health and Fitness, a trainer, wellness coach and podcast cohost, with Christine Conti, of Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone.

This is all interesting, frontier-level stuff, and I know you’ll be interested by what Brian has to share. Enjoy.

Highlights Index

4:10 — A ‘large Rolodex’ of medical fitness professionals
11:20  — Using pre-tax dollars to pay for ‘medically necessary exercise’
14:30 — Lowering the barrier of cost
21:30 — Several hundred trainers are certified for the program
26:20 — ‘Fitness is medicine’

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Brian’s email: brian@medfitcare.org
MedFit email: info@medfitcare.org
Brian on LinkedIn

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