Make the News: Get Free Local Media Coverage for Your Over-50 Gym or Fitness Studio, and Other Tips for Your Post-Pandemic Marketing Plan

Apr 20, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

Too often in the digital age, we overlook traditional media in our marketing plans. But getting an article in the local paper or a segment on local TV or radio can still provide powerful exposure for your fitness business — particularly if you’re appealing to an older market.

After decades in the media, as a reporter and editor, I want to share how you can stir up interest among your local media — and other marketing tips to help you be prepared for the post-pandemic opportunities that are unfolding right now.

Is your website clear and useful?

Are you communicating to prospects via email newsletters that are NOT just spam?

Are you re-emerging “in real life” in your community to grow your referral network and presence?

Listen to this week’s episode for useful information you can use now.

Key Moments
4:05 — What makes something newsworthy; how to approach reporters
6:10 — An example of pitching a story and getting coverage
8:30 — Your post-pandemic marketing checklist
12:00 — Facebook, newsletters, phone calls, cleaning protocols
13:48 — Three Things I Like This Week — alternative milk, vegan deli, 1970s book

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The 5 Types of Content 
Your Fitness Business Needs

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“Rock Me on the Water” book

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