How to Crush the Anti-‘Dad Bod’ Market for Men Who Want to be Fit over 50. With Mike Warren of Australia’s Ditch the Dad Bod.

Jul 13, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

I’ve never liked the whole “dad bod” thing… I mean, of course, a lot of mature men are soft around the middle and don’t have much muscle tone. They shouldn’t be shamed for it — but they shouldn’t exactly be praised for it, either — right?

Many of them don’t want to be. They’re willing to pay you to get them in shape, and the post-pandemic online-training market has blown the whole world open to trainers like Mike Warren of Perth, Australia. 

He’s doing a booming business Down Under, serving mature men all over the world. He’s one of many, and the market is growing. Learn from Mike about his marketing approach, content, and attitude with his clients. Let me know what you think of his (perhaps) unorthodox approach.

Time Index

6:27 — A 12-week coaching program that focuses on food, sleep, movement and mindset
12:33 — ‘I’m a tough-love advocate’
14:30 — When did recovery become so important?
18:00 — You can’t go back in time to get fit later in life
23:35 — Beware the shiny toy bucket
24:57 — Sleep is the primary polar
32:22 — Communicating with your ‘key stakeholders’
47:15 — Three Things I Like This Week: Americans are returning to the gym; a healthy snack; an awesome look back at 1969

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