How an Online Learning Platform Helps Older Adults ‘Get Set Up’ in Fitness, Tech, Cooking and More. Ep. 70.

Jun 7, 2022 | Podcast | 0 comments

 Lawrence Kosick’s dad wanted an Apple watch for his 90th birthday. Lawrence, in his 50s, worried he’d be stuck with teaching his father how to use the device — and that reaction bothered him.

Lawrence ultimately decided his dad should have the watch, even if he, indeed, would have to set it up.

And that moment helped lead Larence and partners to create Get Set Up, an online learning platform that helps older people learn how to do all kinds of things on their own – from using tech devices to cooking, from enjoying travel more to improving their LinkedIn profiles. The online instructors are also over 50, all experts in their various fields, and that’s part of the Get Set Up secret. Its partners are another, ranging from health plan providers, health systems, governments, non-profits and community organizations.

Lawrence joins me this week to share how Get Set Up got set up for its 2019 launch, and how it’s teaching older people all around the world the skills to help them lead happier, healthier and more productive lives.

5:40 — When his Dad wanted an Apple watch
10:35 — Using tech platforms to connect and learn
18:05 — Helping with physical needs beyond exercise and fitness
28:00 — Getting creative on partnering with the right organizations to share the message
33:15 — Keeping it from being too technical for this audience

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