Hit up churches, community colleges, other local resources to sell your fitness-over-50 offerings. With Julian Barnes of Boutique Fitness Solutions. Episode 50.

Nov 9, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

Julian Barnes is the co-founder and CEO of Boutique Fitness Solutions. The New York-based company educates and connects people in boutique fitness through training, workshops, sharing business methods, and providing thought leadership.

Julian also is the COO of the MELT Method, and advises leaders in the fitness industry.

I love what he shares with us about how the fitness industry must be “evangelical” in promoting the benefits of exercise and healthy living. You’ve got to get out there in your community, network, promote, educate, and tell your story, over and over. He has some great suggestions for how studios can do that — and how studio owners should be thinking about the great opportunity presented by the pandemic.

Key Moments

5:28 — What can I do today that will benefit my business — and what can I do in 2 weeks?

8:00 — The three biggest challenges studios face right now

14:30 — Diversify in your hiring to solve staffing shortages

19:00 — Churches, neighborhood associations, and other places to find business

27:45 — Go find your audience

33:00 — The word for the day is ‘evangelical’

34:45 — Three Things I Like This Week: weighted blankets, diabetes awareness, gratitude

Resources and Links

Julian Barnes on LinkedIn

Boutique Fitness Solutions

Naamly — Support our advertiser, who helps you keep in touch with your members

Diabetes Awareness Month

10 Ways to Become More Grateful

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