Gym Owners, Here’s How to Use the Right Words and Images to Appeal to the Over-50 Fitness Market.

Jun 21, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

Have you played the role of fitness consumer lately? It might be an eye-opening experience. Just do a quick Google search on gyms and studios in your area, and see what you find on all the websites that pop up. What kind of messages come through the words and images? 

I did this recently while out of town and looking for a gym to use for the day. And it was helpful to be reminded of what a gym consumer goes through when looking for a gym or studio in his or her hometown.

How do they find a place that’s right for them?

How do you – as a fitness business targeting the over-50 market – make it clear that you want their business? That you have what they need? That you’re the right one for them?

Here are 10 simple tips to guide you through the process and supercharge your content marketing so that the right people know you’re the right spot for them.


3:15 — How do over-50 fitness consumers know you’re the right one?

4:10 — 10 tips to super-charge your content

10:00 — How and why to use the right photos

15:15 — How to fill up your gym during the middle of the workday

18:45 — Promote your relevant special certifications and training

21:45 — Three Things I Like This Week


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