Growing a Fitness Studio for Women over 50, with Anthony Wilkins, Alloy Personal Training for Women

Oct 18, 2020 | Podcast | 0 comments

Anthony Wilkins is trainer and co-owner of Alloy Personal Training for Women in Suwanee, Georgia, near Atlanta. 

The studio serves women with an average age that’s over 50.

Anthony shares his experiences working with slightly “older” people and how he and his partner, Alloy Personal Training owner and creator of a new franchising system, Rick Mayo, smartly built success around this demographic.

Before moving to Georgia, Anthony was in the restaurant industry in New York. He reveals some surprising similarities between bartending and personal training.

The episode at a glance: 

[00:52] About the episode: J-Lo and a ‘Golden Girl’

[3:03] Anthony’s introduction and background

[4:43] How Anthony got into physical fitness

[5:44] Working as a bartender before working as a fitness trainer

[7:20] How Alloy for Women started

[11:41] Safety first during pandemic and how it affects the business

[14:00] Ideal clients and why communication is important

[16:00] Taking care of the clients during pandemic

[20:19] Why women and why older women are the ideal clients?

[26:14] ‘Fat Facts’

[38:15] ‘It’s Never About Me’

[39:08] Host Jay Croft with Three Things I Like This Week

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