Focusing on People and Relationships Helps Midwestern Fitness Chain Orange Shoe Grow. Ep. 48

Oct 12, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

There’s a cute reason why Orange Shoe Fitness has its name, and the company is smart to repeat it. See ,the founder was a pharmaceutical rep who always wore his favorite pair of bright orange shoes. Said they made him 

feel confident. Probably also gave his prospects and clients something to remember him by, right?

One day, Josh Martin realized something important about the medicine he was selling. It was used to help people feel better after they’d become sick. What if he could do something to prevent disease to start with?

From that, Orange Shoe began, back in 2004, and now its leaders, Scott and Katie Michel, are part of a growing chain that recently opened its  11th midwestern location, this one in Chicago.

Scott Michel joins the Optimal Aging podcast this week, and I love his take on keeping fitness fun, building relationships, and nurturing a positive environment for everyone. 

“It’s a people business before it’s a pushup business,” he says.

Indeed it is. 

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