Fitness over 50, with Dr. Dan Ritchie, Functional Aging Institute

Sep 17, 2020 | Podcast | 0 comments

Dr. Dan Ritchie is president and co-founder of the Functional Aging Institute, which trains, certifies and supports gyms and studios geared toward people over 50. Dan is also the owner of Miracles Fitness studio in West Lafayette, Indiana, where he earned his PhD in kinesiology.

Before that, Dan earned his bachelor’s degree in Fitness and Sports medicine, and then his master’s degree in Health and Physical Education. He was a trainer for 20-some years and was even named the 2014 PFP Trainer of the year shortly before he and his fellow PhD Dr. Cody Sipe established the Functional Aging Institute (FAI).

FAI is the “go-to” source for training mature clients by providing fitness professionals with the most current, up-to-date and forward-thinking techniques and strategies. It offers certificate programs, full-blown certifications, blog posts, videos, seminars, on-site workshops and more.

Dan is a sought-after expert and speaker at national and international events on topics like balance for older adults, personal training business development, the global aging phenomenon, and functional aging training models. He’s routinely interviewed for podcasts, webinars, and on-online education summits. Dan lives in West Lafayette with his wife and five kids.

The episode at glance:

[1:18] Fitness over 50 introduction

[6:30] Dr. Dan Ritchie’s introduction and background

[10:55] Why he loves to train with the older adults

[14:00] Dr. Dan’s biggest personal challenge

[19:50] Started Miracles Fitness in West Lafayette, Indiana, in 2007

[28:50] Aging is an opportunity to be seized

[4:20]  How can businesses prepare to make the most of this powerful opportunity?

[43:05] Thoughts on how COVID affects us

[46:07] Resources

Resources and Links:

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