Fitness over 50 in the Evolving Longevity Economy

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If your fitness business is aimed even somewhat. At helping people over 50, then you are part of the growing longevity economy.

Have you heard that phrase? It’s increasingly used to describe the massive historic financial opportunity involved in catering to people over 50. It covers trillions of dollars in the U. S. economy annually. That’s trillions, with a T. And it’s only going to keep expanding for decades as more people age into the group and people continue to live longer.

This is one of the reasons I created Prime Fit Content, my marketing business that helps gyms and fitness studios reach more people in this lucrative, yet underserved market.

The over-50 fitness market isn’t just growing, it’s also changing to include more people in Generation X and people in the group are changing their habits. Many are working longer before retiring or retiring and then going back to work, either due to their choices or to circumstances. So what does this mean for your small fitness business or for personal aspirations to live a healthy life after age 50?

Well, that’s what I’m talking about this week on Optimal Aging, the show for fitness professionals who want to grow their business with people over 50. My guest is a pioneer in the field of content marketing who recently turned his attention to the longevity economy. Brian Clark is the founder of the content marketing website CopyBlogger, of Unemployable, an educational community that provides strategies for freelancers and entrepreneurs, and of his new midlife personal growth newsletter, Further. His Longevity Gains offers advice for marketers and entrepreneurs looking to succeed in this longevity economy.

Here’s an excerpt from our conversation that’s relevant to reaching people over 50 today.

JAY CROFT: What can small businesses do to get their message out there to their communities?

BRIAN CLARK: You want to go after the people with the healthy attitudes. The ones who are already thinking about healthy aging eating better, taking care of themselves. If you can appeal with messages that embrace those values and attitudes, then that’s how you win. It’s not that you’re 65, come on in. It’s you’re interested in living the best life you can live.

JAY CROFT: That’s right. And we show that in our content by having photographs of people who are in the demographic who are not infirm and who are active And we show this by addressing topics of concern to them. People in this demographic are interested in reading and I’m not saying everything says, Hey, you’re old now. So we want old people come see come where the old people work out.

BRIAN CLARK: It may surprise people to learn that most of Apple’s customers are men over the age of 65. The majority of Apple Watch users are over the age of 45. But Apple doesn’t use image advertising. They’re all at the level of values and attitudes, right? It just so happens, and they know it, that older people are drawn to cool, well designed products just like anyone else. Get it? older people are people too. Where’s my new catchphrase?

JAY CROFT: Did you know they, sometimes they have sex. I know. It’s shocking to the young people, I’m sure. And go to rock concerts.

BRIAN CLARK: I just went to see Duran Duran. They were all older than me.

JAY CROFT: So yeah, how did they sound?  Were they okay? Still?

BRIAN CLARK: Amazing. Simon Lebon’s voice is amazing for a 65 year old guy, or maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. That’s what he does.

JAY CROFT: Yeah, you don’t get all those hit records by being a slouch, right? Any role in AI for this that you see coming up that the gym owners need to be aware of and how to connect with older folks?

BRIAN CLARK: With regard to the current state of generative AI and marketers rushing for it to do the work for them. I would say in this particular case. That’s not going to work out too well, we’re going to have to actually come up with our own messaging because AI right now only can rely on what’s out there, what has been. And when you’ve ignored everyone over 50 for decades. And when you have talked to them, you’ve done it very poorly. There’s not a whole lot that AI is going to help you with.

Now, I’m thinking good, old-fashioned organic content at this point is what’s needed. Because it needs to be exceptionally relatable to a group that’s been ignored. And again, I see a lot of opportunity for people our age. Gen X is the most entrepreneurial generation. Young boomers are right there with us. We’re that group of people who don’t think old, we don’t look old,  it’s like we’re leading the charge into our own future. And to me, that’s very exciting.

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