Fit-Over-50 Professionals Share Lessons Learned from the Pandemic, and a Look at What’s Coming, with Dan Ritchie, Dr. Emily Splichal, Paul Holbrook and Dianne Bailey

May 25, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

Sometimes you find yourself at a perfect moment to look back on the recent past and also look ahead to what might be just around the corner. 

Andwe’re all at such a point right now, aren’t we — here at the end of pandemic. 

So I want to share a recording of a roundtable discussion on the topic that I was asked to join last week, hosted by Dr. Dan Ritchie of the Functional Aging Institute. It’s me and three diverse experts from various angles of the fitness over 50 world:  

  • Dr. Emily Splichal, a podiatrist, movement specialist and founder of Naboso Technology in Phoenix
  • Paul Holbrook of Age Performance Studio in Salt Lake City
  • Dianne Bailey of Conditioning Classroom and Open the Door to Tai Chi in Denver

I’ll be speaking at FAI’s Functional Aging Summit next month. Be sure to sign up in advance for tons of great speakers. Here’s the link

Episode Highlights
5:15 — The industry is an essential service
8:15 — Being more present in the moment
13:00 — A necessary shift in focus
17:30 — We are all entrepreneurs and need the power to pivot
21:00 — People are now more interested in taking are of themselves
25:30 — Getting back to pre-pandemic numbers
29:00 — This is a unique moment, right now
36:20 — A resurgence in demand for the in-person experience
39:55 — Three Things I Like This Week: an outdoor map app; resuming air travel; The Murph Challenge

The Functional Aging Institute

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The Murph Challenge

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