First A Gym, Then A Podcast, and Now A Book — Jim Adams Expands His “Masters in Fitness Business” Brand

Jun 8, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

Jim Adams is the owner of Catalyst Strength and Functional Nutrition in St. Louis — and the author of a brand-new book, “Masters in Fitness Business.” It’s a companion piece to his podcast of the same name and, I’m glad to report, it’s really good. Jim’s a thoughtful interviewer and he presents his guests in a warm light that’s beneficial to the audience. Believe me, that’s not as easy as it might seem, in a podcast or in print.

Jim also fills us in about a new venture for online learning in the fitness business — and we even discuss books and authors a bit, something I love to do any time.

Time Highlights

7:08 — He used pandemic down time to start

11:15 — From a bunch of podcast episodes to a book

16:30 — Fit University is like ‘an Amazon for the fitness business courses’

30:30 — Dialing in your business to a specific demographic

35:25 — A stronger team emerged from the pandemic

40:15 — Shifting to the ‘older’ population

43:15 — ‘Authors for $400, Alex!’

48:10 — Three Things I Like This Week (Special Vacation Edition)

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