Exercise vs. Dementia, Alzheimer’s: Bringing Brain Health and Physical Fitness Together, with Martin Pazzani and John Spence of Act!vate

Jul 20, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

Three fitness leaders have combined forces on an innovative approach to fitness for people over 50. Former industry executive Martin Pazzani and former owners of multiple Anytime Fitness locations John Spence and Michael Gelfgot are now on the verge of opening the first Act!vate Brain & Body in Cincinnati this fall. It will be the debut facility in the country that trains brain health and physical health at the same time, using science-backed techniques to fight off cognitive decline. They intend to scale it up in other cities, too.

They couldn’t be arriving at a better time, as more and more people live longer and dementia rates go up accordingly.

But while Alzheimer’s and other dreaded affiliations are most often associated with age, they are not inevitable byproducts of time, says the team behind Act!vate. And Alzheimer’s organizations and medical professionals agree that lifestyle factors — including exercise — can play a role in minimizing the chances of getting it.

The Act!vat setup is unique, combining novel resistance training, cardio workouts, and brain games all under one roof, in an instructor-led small group. The target age is 45 and up. It’s designed to promote cognitive health, clear thinking, better memory and sleep, and more aspects of brain health that can become incapacitating later in life.

This is really interesting stuff, and I’m excited to bring you my chat with Martin and John. I have a feeling we’ll all be hearing a lot more about this as time goes on. 

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