Creating Your Own Successful Fitness Brand, with Sue Hitzmann of the MELT Method

Apr 13, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

A lot of fitness entrepreneurs are trying to do what Sue Hitzmann has already done. She created a thriving brand, wrote a best-selling book, and helps people all over the world live better, more healthy lives.

So, I’m delighted to have Sue as my guest this week on the Optimal Aging podcast.

Sue is the creator of the MELT Method, a gentle, self-care system to treat pain and reverse the signs of aging.

Sue’s MELT journey began at 26, when  — amid a thriving fitness career – she began experiencing debilitating foot pain. Nothing seemed to help until she began researching how to take care of the problem herself. She found the answer was in her body’s fascia, or connective tissue. A series of light-touch exercises hydrated her connective tissue and healed her pain. From that the MELT method was born. The best-selling book and business followed. She now has some 2,000 MELT-certified instructors across the country, generally working with a slightly older demographic.

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Key Moments
5:30 — She started in fitness at 16; the pain began in her 20s
9:50 — What is fascia?
13:30 — What does MELT mean?
16:55 — Working with “older adults” and why we should be more “proactive” about pain
19:57 — I hate foam rollers (MELT is better)
27:26 — The power of rapport in communications
33:56 — Sales conversations: What, why and how
36:35 — “I’m a question asker… That’s how you connect with people”
39:40 — “People need us now more than ever”
41:39 — Three Things I Like This Week — Boxing vs. Parkinson’s, Target, Travel Tips

The MELT Method
Sue’s book and tools on Amazon
Sue on LinkedIn

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Rock Steady Boxing
AARP’s travel page

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