Can ‘Nurse-Coaches’ Help Bridge the Gap Between Healthcare and Fitness after 50? With Nicole Vienneau

Aug 17, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

Like many of you, I’m intrigued by the growing merger of the healthcare and fitness industries. I wonder where it could take us as a society — and if it could lead to systemic support for millions more people to exercise and eat right. You know, particularly among older people, the word of medical professionals carries great sway — even when fitness professionals strongly disagree.

How many times have you heard a prospect or client say he can’t do something because his doctor told him that he’s too old for weightlifting, running, exertion of any kind…?

My guest this week is a nurse, a personal trainer and functional aging specialist who represents a growing number of “nurse coaches” who seek to help integrate healthcare and fitness. 

Nicole Vienneau is on the faculty of the International Nurse Coach Association’s Integrative Nurse coach Academy. She also owns Blue Monarch Health, bringing fitness training to people over 50 in Washington state. Dementia prevention is a major focus of her work.

Nicole’s spirit and enthusiasm are infectious, and I love the angle she represents on this topic. Enjoy our conversation.

Time Index

7:45 — Suffering and death — and ‘a small amount of healing’
11:20 — How ‘nurse coaches’ emerged
18:50 — ‘This is not a typical gym’
25:45 — How she reaches older women — and overcomes their barriers to fitness
34:30 — Going where the communities already exist
44:30 — Older people want to remain active
49:55 — Three Things I Like This Week

Resources and Links

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