After World Series Win, Washington Nationals Coach Tripp Keister Keeps Fitness A Priority At 51.

Nov 23, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

Tripp Keister is a former professional baseball player who’s now a coach and manager for the Washington Nationals, the 2019 Series champions.

We spoke just a few days after my hometown Atlanta Braves won this year’s Series. Tripp was happy for his friends at the Braves, of course, and a delight to talk with – even if you’re not a baseball geek.

I invited him onto the podcast because, at 51, Tripp remains in excellent shape – and he’s dedicated to exercise, eating right, sleeping well… in short, everything fitness and health professionals preach to their clients. Here’s a former elite athlete who’s still at it every day – of course, with different motivations and methods than he had in, say, his 20s. But Tripp’s devotion to healthy living is impressive. 

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