Weight Loss Drugs With Gym Memberships?

Apr 24, 2024 | Stand Out | 0 comments

Weights, aerobics, and … Wegovy? Some in the fitness industry are moving to dispense the popular GLP-1 medications to club members, combining the new, easier method of losing weight with the old, more challenging one.

Take Life Time, for example. Late last year, Jeff Zwiefel, chief operating officer, said the gym chain would pilot a program to prescribe weight loss drugs for members. They plan to bring health care professionals into the gyms to deliver the medications, working with their members, primary care doctors, trainers, and nutritionists to form a “comprehensive plan” that includes the medicine but also exercise, nutrition, counseling, and social support.

Life Time, which has about 170 locations across the country, says it hopes to roll out the offering nationwide. The point is to provide a long-term solution for people who struggle with obesity but don’t want to rely on the medication, said nutritionist Jim LaValle, a registered pharmacist who works with Life Time fitness centers on the pilot program.
“You have a lot of people who struggle with weight, and they go to the gym and they try to eat right and they don’t lose weight,” he said of why he hopes offering GLP-1s will be a game changer. CONTINUE READING my article on WebMd.com. 

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