Consistency Pays for This Nashville Gym Owner

Feb 27, 2024 | Stand Out | 0 comments

Fitness success is a lot like communications success: Consistency pays. Both involve repeating the same steps consistently over time, making incremental progress, and remaining committed to doing the right thing. Even when a shiny new temptation wants to steal your attention or you’d rather just stay on the couch and forget about it.

Aaron Hines, a gym owner from the Nashville area, who has been putting in the work month after month, year after year. communicating steadily with his prospects and clients, running a good business, networking both online and in real life, writing books and promoting them, all while bringing top shelf training services to people over 50 in his location.

And here’s the best part. It’s paying off.

Aaron had his biggest month ever last December, and 2024 is banging so far.

What’s his trendy gimmick, his sexy trick? Well, uhm… about that… Listen to my conversation about how consistency pays with Aaron here

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