Do Your Member Profiles Suck? Make Them Sing

Nov 30, 2022 | Retain Members | 0 comments

Member recognition is super-important for enthusiasm, community and retention. Member profiles promote your values inside your business and to the outside community.
  • They show prospects over 50 that they’re welcome.
  • They’re specific to your location.
  • And you’ll never run out of them!

Whom should you profile:

Choose people with a positive attitude and an inspiring story. People who exemplify something you promote about your services, like your weight-loss plan or new small group training.

Types of Member Profiles:

  • Tell a story, with a before, during and after of the person’s life. What made her want to change? What was the emotional or physical catalyst? How did it feel to take that first step to health? Ask follow-up questions to get below the surface.
  • Dewar’s style a series of blanks that you present as if the subject filled out a form. But do these in an interview, not in an email. Again, you want follow-up questions to flesh out answers that can be stale otherwise. Ask more than you use, eliminating the boring answers.
  • Focused and formatted. He had a goal. What was it? How did he reach it? How awesome does he feel now?

What Good Profiles Do:

  • They keep the focus on the MEMBER or the EMPLOYEE being profiled
  • They show how the business ties to the person’s goal and story
  • They’re emotional
  • They are specific about that person, not generic. Avoid cliches and lazy phrases.

It’s easy to do a quick-and-dirty profile that just shows a photo and a quote about how great your gym or studio is, general platitudes about how helpful your staff is, etc. Don’t stop there. Do more. Tell the member’s story. And, by all means, take a minute and get a decent photo!

Want to learn more about member profiles, or get my help in creating them? Send an email or comment below.

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