How to Improve Retention Rates with Older Fitness Clients

Feb 2, 2024 | Retain Members | 0 comments

Marketing research tells us that consumers over age 50 are remarkably loyal to companies, brands, and service providers.

But that doesn’t mean you can take them for granted.

On the contrary, it means you can count on them to spend a lot of money with you on premium services for a long time – as long as you continue to provide an excellent experience.

And here are some specific tips to think about adding, if you’re not already offering them.

  1. Keep Your Front-Desk Staff on Point

This position has a lot of turnover for gyms and studios. So, make sure everyone who takes the job knows how you expect them to treat your over-50 clients. It’s important to look everyone in the eye, say hello, and welcome them by their first name – but maybe especially so for older people who appreciate the gesture more. Also: Make sure everyone on your team knows not to condescend, even inadvertently. Don’t call anyone cute, little, old, etc…

  1. Get to Know Their Goals

Functional fitness is popular with people who are a little older, and that’s a great thing to promote generally. But take the time to learn who you’re dealing with. You might have ambitious athletes on your hands, and you don’t want to lose their business because you dismiss them too quickly.

  1. Small Group Fitness Classes

Small group training is popular and effective with mature members. As you know, the social interaction of attending a gym or studio is a major draw for some of them. Small groups hold each other accountable. And the service is higher, without going for the more expensive 1-on-1 training.

  1. Nutritional Guidance

What can you do to promote nutritional awareness? How about cooking classes, or meal-prep seminars? Provide educational material about the importance of protein and fiber – and avoiding a diet heavy in ultra-processed “food.”

  1. Provide Items and Services for Upsells

What about a smoothie bar,  coffee counter, or other area for socializing? Can you provide a trusted brand of protein and vitamin supplements? Remember that many older clients have the time and money to spend on private training and other premium services. So, don’t shy away from providing opportunities for them to support your business.

Older fitness clients often make the best fitness clients. They stay longer and spend more money, and are more likely to promote you via word of mouth.

Just make sure you earn all that goodwill. Every day.

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