Fitness Marketing 101: What Motivates Keeping Fit and Healthy Over 50

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To market your fitness business to people over 50, understand what motivates keeping fit and healthy. Then you can produce personalized content that attracts and retains members.

Fitness Marketing Content Ideas for the Over-50 Market

The best marketing strategies should focus on emotional connections that motivate people to get fit and healthy at 50 and staying fit and healthy over 50. Your content needs to have a personal touch to resonate with prospects and to retain your members.

How does personalization work in fitness marketing?

You’ve got to understand who your customers are, what they need and where they are. When you build a profile of them, it’s easier to find what resonates with your target audience and personalize marketing messages to them.

Reasons to keep fit at 50 and beyond

People over 50 have more meaningful motivations for keeping fit and healthy than sex appeal. Active agers are past the stage where keeping fit is mostly about image.

Here are the seven most common motivators for people over 50 to stay healthy.

1. To be there for the grandkids

The average lifespan in the US is 79 years old. Many people live to 90 years and older. This means many extra years to spend with the grandkids. 

If the goal is to be around for grandkids – to be active grandparents – then people need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They need to stay healthy, watch their weight, and ensure they can move freely for as long as possible.

2. To travel

Active agers want to fulfill their bucket list and see the world. They want to take advantage of the time and money they have available to travel. It’s crucial to be strong and fit if you want to travel.

3. To enjoy retirement 

Most people over 50 are looking forward to a happy and fulfilling retirement. They don’t want a boring life. Retirement is an opportunity for their next chapter. Good health is the link that allows them to enjoy their retirement.

4. To avoid falls and accidents

Strength training iproves muscle mass, which is important in preventing falls and letting people maintain their autonomy. It’s also good for bone density, so fractures are less likely. And exercise manages obesity, blood pressure, heart health, and reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes and other serious ailments.

5. To continue doing what they love

They know that they want to keep fit so they can keep doing what they love, whateer it is.

Regular exercise is the miracle drug to fight aging. Period.

6. Autonomy

The active aging movement is about quality of life. It’s about being able to maintain a sense of self, and stay mentally and physically healthy. They love their kids and grandkids, but they also love being independent. They don’t want to lose their autonomy, and they don’t want to become a burden on others.

What content motivates people over 50 to become and remain active agers?

The right content will motivate people to start considering healthier choices, including a gym or studio membership. It entertains and informs them about health care, lifestyle issues, cooking, traveling, and more.

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