Pay It Forward with Storytelling

Oct 16, 2023 | Communication Tip | 0 comments

Here’s an example of how powerful storytelling can be – for people trying to improve their lives and for your fitness business.

The man pictured is Gary. I met him a couple of months ago at the gym I’ve been attending for years. He was kind enough to answer my questions about his fitness journey, which included wide-open transparency about his struggle in the past with alcohol. Hitting rock bottom, in fact, was a key turning point for him. In rehab, he started thinking about the legacy he was leaving his kids and grandkids, and that’s when he devoted himself to a healthy lifestyle.

You can see the results. In his late 60s, Gary I trim, strong and full of life. He also has a new girlfriend, after moving to Atlanta to be closer to his daughter.

Well, I bumped into Gary this weekend at the gym. Before I could thank him again for sharing his story, he thanked me for writing about him. He said he had received a lot of positive feedback from friends, family and strangers – including a young man at our gym.

Gary said the 20-something, who is obese and establishing new fitness habits, thanked Gary and said he was an inspiration. The young man himself had recently quit drinking and found Gary’s story motivational. He’s sober, working out, slimming down – and feeling good about his life.

That made my day right there.

Something I did helped at least two other people live better lives. Who knows how many others might’ve taken similar inspiration from the story?

This isn’t about how awesome I am for telling Gary’s story.

It’s about the power of storytelling to connect with people, to motivate them, and to validate them, regardless of age, race, gender or fitness level.

So, please, keep sharing stories – whether they come from me or anywhere else.

Nothing moves us – as human beings – like a story.

Thanks, Gary.


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