Promote How Fitness Helps You Enjoy Travel More after 50

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Everybody loves vacation… relaxing… doing nothing… lying by the pool, napping, eating and drinking.

Or does that sound awful to you? Maybe your idea of a vacation involves adventure, activity, and – at least – keeping up your normal healthy habits of regular exercise and eating properly.

That’s what I’m discussing on this week’s episode of the Optimal Aging podcast. 

I’m thinking about this right now because of some people I met recently while on a Caribbean cruise – and many more I just saw on the cruise. (Here’s a pic of the gym onboard — very nice, killer views. That’s me at 60 on the right in the photo above; my partner is 58.)

And it’s a great inspiration to talk about exercise as we age, maintaining a high quality of life and enjoying ourselves – and for the fitness professionals out there trying to grow with more people over 50, this episode is a reminder that you need to be sharing the positive lifestyle benefits of fitness – like travel – and not assume that everyone already makes those kinds of connections.

Statistics for 2023

The AARP published a travel survey earlier this year that showed its members love to travel and are increasingly past their COVID fears about it, though not entirely.

The AARP says spending is down in 2023, from more than $8,000 per American adult in 2022 to less than $7,000 this year, with cost being a factor. But still, 62% of adults over 50 will take at least one leisure trip in 2023, and most will take 3 or 4. International travel and cruises are down a bit. Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean remain popular. A lot of people over 50 are favoring “adventure travel,” with kayaking, cycling and more.

So “bucket list” trips are still popular, with 63% of Americans over 50 hoping to take one.

What This Means for Your Business

As a fitness professional, you should share this good news about fitness and traveling in your marketing materials. I believe most people over 50 or 60 don’t make the connection between time they spend in your gym or studio with the quality of life they enjoy on vacation – or while at home playing sports, for that matter, or babysitting the grandkids, or participating int hobbies they’ve always loved.

Promote an interest in travel among your prospects and clients. Point out that functional fitness helps them get around and do normal stuff – like putting a bag in the overhead compartment on a plane. Tell the about Kay, a woman I know who keeps working out at 80 specifically so she can keep traveling the world.

I share Kay’s story — and lots of other inspiring examples — on the podcast. SoLISTEN HERE, subscribe, rate and review.

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