100th Podcast Episode: Stories Are the Best Motivators

Apr 14, 2023 | Communication Tip | 0 comments

As producing my 100th podcast episode reminded me, stories are the best motivators.

And looking back, I see it was Dan and Joanne who got me into this whole thing.

So it was only fitting to return to them now, at this milestone.

See, Dan is Dan Ritchie, who is the president and cofounder of the Functional Aging Institute. He also used to own a gym in Indiana called Miracles, where he helped a woman named Joanne. She was in her 70s and completely out of shape when she asked Dan to get her able for a fantastic vacation she was planning with her husband.

He did. She had a fabulous time — and became a devoted Miracles customer for years and years.

Dan shared that story on the first episode of my Optimal Aging podcast back in September 2020.

It’s been such a guiding light for me, the podcast, and my Prime Fit Content business that I led with it again today, when I published the 100th podcast episode of Optimal Aging.

I’m told that most podcasts don’t make it to double digits, let alone 100. So, I’m really grateful to all of you and everyone who has listened and supported the show.

For the 100th podcast episode, I went back and grabbed 10 highlights from earlier interviews — about storytelling, inspiration, content and communications. About why smart fitness professionals are pursuing the lucrative, underserved over-50 market — changing lives and distinguishing their businesses.

It was a moving experience, going back and listening to so much expertise, wisdom and compassion. I captured just a fraction of it for this 100th episode, but you can go back and listen to all the other 99 episodes for more! I hope you like.

And remember — stories move people to take action more than anything.

More than data, more than doctor’s pleadings, more than a spouse’s tears.

Stories rule.

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