8 Pitfalls to Avoid When Marketing Personal Training for Older Adults

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Marketing personal training for older adults? Here are eight pitfalls to avoid in the content you produce and publish in your fitness marketing strategy.

Make Your Content Sell with Purpose

Marketing personal training for elderly clients can be a tough task. Sometimes, even experienced trainers aren’t sure how to advertise their business. The best way to market personal training for older clients is to be professional and authentic. Show your personality and prove that you understand your clients – and avoid these eight pitfalls.

1. Using insensitive language

Many older adults are sensitive to being marginaized, like being called ‘cute,’ ‘silver’ or ‘golden.’ Marketing personal training for older adults requires careful wording and empathy to make sure you’re not misrepresenting them in any way.

2. Thinking they’re fragile or all the same

Remember, just like younger members, active agers are all individuals. Don’t make assumptions. Learn what each prospect needs from you. Ask about their current fitness level and goals, then provide them with the necessary information so they can decide what’s best for them.

3. Pointing out their vulnerabilities

Older adults know they are getting older. They don’t need you to point out the vulnerabilities associated with aging – except in the context of showing why they need exercise, which helps with mental and physical health of all kinds.

Your job is to help them feel good about themselves and to motivate them by highlighting the benefits of exercise, without harping on negative aspects of maturing.

4. Using a patronizing voice

Active agers have been around the block. Yet many people talk to them slowly or like they’re a child. Be careful to be respectful.

5. Thinking they are all stuck in the mud

You know, some older people will be stuck in their ways. Others will be hip and up for anything. Most will be somewhere in between. Take time to learn what motivates active agers, and tailor marketing to get your fitness business noticed.

6. Not starting right

There is a misconception that older adults who are looking to get fit will not be able to keep up with the same level of intensity and activity as their younger counterparts. But this is not true for everyone.You should have variations for exercises, and always start with an assessment.

7. Making fitness marketing all about you

Are you focusing your marketig on you — the trainer, your qualifications and accomplishments? Focus on what you can do for them, instead.

What kind of results can people expect from your service? You should demonstrate these benefits by publishing marketing content that puts your clients at the heart of each story. Consider what motivates active agers to come to your gym, and base your content around these themes. 

Stop talking about yourself, and start talking about your client. Remember they’re the hero of their story, not you.

8. Using inappropriate images

Use images of people over 50. We all want to see ourselves reflected, after all. And it shows who you want for customers. 

Avoid all the pitfall painlessly

We know that as a personal trainer, your time is precious, and you have a lot on your plate already. That’s why we produce targeted content for you. All you need do is Get started now.

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